Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How To Find a Job

Are you looking for a job? Landing that dream job will require a lot of effort on your part. Sending out your C.V to many companies is not enough, more needs to be done. Below are tips you can use to find a good job.

Tips to Find a Good Job
1.       Volunteer
Working for free may have never crossed your mind but it has its advantages. Volunteer work boosts your C.V and it gives you training which you will require in future. Companies are always happy to hire someone with experience since they know how to do their job and will require little training. Working hard while volunteering might even lead to employment in the company you are working for. If you are a fresh graduate or you have stayed out of employment for a long time, volunteering can be the first step to a good job.

2.       Sign Up for Job Alerts
Many companies place online advertisements for any job vacancies. On most websites that place such advertisements, there is an option to sign up for automatic updates. This will help you apply for as many jobs as possible since without the updates, there is a possibility you may not see some of the job advertisements posted. Apart from searching for jobs online, do not forget to check the newspapers.

3.       Take the Initiative
As much as some companies advertise for job vacancies, some of them do not. You can take advantage of this by sending out your C.V to companies you may want to work for even if no vacancies are available. Follow these companies on their social media pages and watch out for any news that may indicate a need for hiring more people.

4.       Customize your C.V
One mistake most people do is to send out the same C.V to all the companies. They may reason that they are applying for the same job so sending out the same C.V is okay. It is not. Different companies have different goals and values even though they are in the same industry. To increase your chances of getting a job, tailor your C.V to the values and requirements of the company you are sending it to.

5.       Network

Always expand your network and get advice from other people. Career fairs are great opportunities to do this. Social media can also help you connect with people in the same line if work as yours.

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