If You Dare Arrest Joho We Will Bring Down Police Station, Raila Declares


It will be fireworks if you dare arrest Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, Raila Odinga and Kalonzo have warned.

The no-nonsense Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery had threatened to arrest Joho by 2PM today if he had not surrendered his firearms.

Cord Principal said that the Governor is not going anywhere and that Nkaissery had crossed the redline.
He was quoted by a section of the media as saying:

“The Governor knows the police station and we all know the police station. Joho is not going anywhere,” Raila said.

“Nkaissery has crossed the red line. Let him try and intimidate Joho. He has added salt to injury. I told him to go slowly on certain issues but he did not listen.”

On his part, Kalonzo dared the Internal CS to arrest one of their own. He said:

“When Joho is arrested we will storm that particular police station and remove him from that place,” he said.

“I cannot be threatened. I am available should Nkaissery deem it fit to arrest me. In fact I am leaving for Parliament. Let him come and arrest me,” he said.

“I have done nothing. They should not look for me, let them tell me which police station to report to and I shall be there.

Joho said that he was not afraid of Nkaissery and that he cannot limit his air supply with empty threats.

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