Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Joho & Kingi Are Mburukenges & Pundamilias But They Deserve Body Guards, Sonko States

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has come to the defense of Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and his Kilifi counterpart Amason Kingi.

The Senator said, although Kingi and Joho are Mburukenges (monitor lizard) and Pundamilia (Zebra), they deserved to have their bodyguards. This was in reference to Joho and Kingi challenging the President during his tour of Mombasa and Kilifi counties.

Mike Sonko pleaded with Interior CS Nkaissery and IG Boinnet to allow Governors to keep their security.

"MBURUKENGE in other words MONITOR LIZARD is a SHORT ALLIGATOR with a long tail. There is also one slum in Mombasa near Buxton called MBURUKENGE. PUNDAMILIA nae is a beautiful stripped wild animal resembling the donkey called ZEBRA, so MBURUKENGE yoyote yule au PUNDAMILIA atakaye tusi RAIS tutapambana nayeye, lakini kwavile hakuna mtu ametusi RAIS, let me say, in my own opinion, it is wrong to withdraw bodyguards of any Governor. I kindly and humbly appeal to the CS Interior Hon. Naissery and our good IG MR. BOINNET to allow the Mombasa Governor and his Kilifi counterpart to have bodyguards of their choice as they await the fate of the withdrawn bodyguards over claims of assault in Malindi during the by-election. Reasons Should anything bad happen to them (Lord forbid), the blame will be squarely put on us the Jubilee Administration. Have a nice day."

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