Lions Reportedly Unleashed On Wananchi Inorder To Grab Nairobi National Park (See Details)


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Mohawk Gunned down by KWS ranger

In less than a month, four lions have wandered off the Nairobi National Park causing injuries on wananchi minding their business.

The main cause of this disturbing trend has been attributed to the ongoing construction of the Standard Gauge Railway that has cut through the Nairobi National Park.

The killing of the famed Mohawk by Kenya Wildlife Rangers instigated conspiracy theories on the social media.

Some Kenyans read mischief from top government officials hellbent on grabbing the Nairobi National Park and are already pointing figures.

Daily Nation columnist Macharia Gaitho Shared this on social media:

I believe @kwskenya is a world leader in animal capture. Pls explain what went wrong with ‪#‎mohawk‬ or feed more conspiracy theories.

How to grab a park Season One.

1. Release Lions into the streets.

2. Repeat this on a weekly basis.

3. Ensure someone is mauled.

4. Order the Killing of a lion in the full glare of cameras (remember, the lion could have been sedated and safely returned to the park)

4. Contract a Chinese firm to conduct guided EIA and SIA.

5. Incite public anger over animals getting preference to humans.

6. Declare the wildlife a threat to city dwellers.

7. Relocate the animals to Maasai Maara.

8. Degazzette the park land. set it aside(tenga) for private development to achieve ‘Vision 2030’.

Eric Kitili Mbathi stepped from the frying pan into the fire?

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