Places To Visit in Mombasa


Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya and is located on the east coast of the country. This city experiences hot and humid, making it one of the best places to relax in when on vacation. It is one of the important tourism centres in the country, located on the Indian Ocean.

Mombasa has many tourist attraction sites which include:

1.       Fort Jesus
This is one of the historical sites in the town that was built by the Portuguese between 1593 and 1596. Possession of the fort changed from one hand to another but it finally rested with the British. The fort has some ruined buildings and many battlements. There is also a museum on the grounds. Some of the items exhibited include pottery and ceramics which give insight on the many cultures that took part in trading along the coast.
2.       Beach
Mombasa has beaches that are livelier than beaches in other coastal towns in Kenya. Nyali beach is one of the beaches in Mombasa. Many shops and hotels are at the line of the beach. If you like beaches that are less crowded, then Nyali beach is one of the best to visit. It has a beautiful skyline and you can take part in a lot of activities there including boat riding and beach football. Bamburi beach is also a good beach that is not crowded. Although Mombasa has good beaches, the best are located in South Coast.

3.       Mamba Village
It is located in Nyali, Mombasa and it is the largest crocodile farm in the whole of East Africa. A tour of the farm is given to visitors. They are also given relevant information about the crocodiles and they even get a chance to see them during feeding time. Visitors can also have a meal at the Mamba Restaurant located in the farm. You can never be disappointed after visiting the farm.
4.       Haller Park
If you love animals, Haller Park is one of the places you must visit while in Mombasa. It is located in Nyali and it is home to many animals. There are over 100 species of birds including pelicans, storks and weaver birds among others. Wildlife such as Zebras, hippos and waterbucks are available. Different species of snakes can also be seen.

These are just few of the amazing places in Mombasa. A visit to this coastal town will never leave you disappointed. 

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