Son Kills Father For Eating His Share Of Ugali In Kakamega


A father in Kakamega met his death after eating a share of his son Ugali. According to an ongoing case at the Kakamega High Court, Vincent Makhalasia murdered his father, Atanas Matayos, in Mundulu village on July 12, 2013.

Testifying against his son, Christine Lumbukhu, recounted how she had gone to the shop to buy sugar, upon her return she found Matayos hitting his father with a stick severally.

She told the court:

“He (Makhalasia) had spent the previous night in a funeral vigil. I had prepared him ugali for dinner in anticipation that he would return, but he failed to do so. He however turned up the following morning and found out that his father had eaten his share”

“This seemed not to please my son, who demanded to know why his father ate his share. He then picked up a stick and hit him several times on the head, right hand and right leg, leaving him for dead.”

When asked if she witnessed the murder during cross examination by Makhalasia lawyer, Kundu Wesutsa , she answered to the affirmative.

Lumbukhu said that she found her husband wailing that ‘my son is killing me, my son is killing me!’. She said that her son walked away when he saw her. Upon inquiring what had happened she was told what had transpired.

Makhalisia younger brother, Julius Angote, narrated the state he found his father. He said he had a swollen head and complained of pain but was still alive.

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