Friday, March 25, 2016

Transport System in the Kenyan Coast

The coast of Kenya has many wonderful cities and is home to the Swahili and a few other tribes. The north coast is famous for its vibrant nature, numerous beaches and various tourist attraction sites. The south coast is quieter but has some of the best and cleanest beaches in the coast. The coast is rich in Swahili culture as well as ancient items left by colonialists. If you are planning to visit the coast and what to know how to get around, consider some of the available options below.
  • 1.       Tuk Tuk

A tuk tuk is a mechanized taxi with 3 wheels. It is common in the Coast as it transports people to many places, some of which the public service vehicles may not be able to access. They take a maximum of 4 people including the driver. The driver sits alone while 3 passengers sit together at the back. Their prices are dependent on the distance of travel. The farther the distance the higher the price.

  • 2.       Motorcycles

Motorcycles are convenient especially when there is traffic. They can pass through the traffic and get you to your destination fast. Their prices are fair but the price is dependent on the distance. If you opt to choose a motorcycle as your means of transportation, make sure you get drivers who adhere to the law. According to the Kenyan law, the driver should have a helmet and a reflector and he should give the passenger a helmet and a reflector too. Only one passenger is permitted per bike although there are some who break the law and carry 2 or more passengers.

  • 3.       Matatus

These are vans that carry a maximum of 14 passengers. Matatus are cheaper compared to all other options and they go for long distances. Always have your seatbelt on when travelling in a matatu. Most people do not put it on but once some of the traffic police see this they are fined. According to the law, you are supposed to have your seatbelt on.

  • 4.       Taxi

Taxis are the most expensive but they are ideal if you want some flexibility and privacy. In most places, taxis can be found at all times.

  • 5.       Touring Vans

Some tourists opt to hire a tour van that they will use for their stay. The van usually comes with a driver who knows the territory very well. They can be a bit costly but it is worth the money since you get privacy and comfort.

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