Friday, March 25, 2016

We Were Tortured By Tanzanian Authorities After Magufuli Ordered Our Arrest, CS Keter Reveals

Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter was among the top officials whose travel document was confiscated by Tanzanian authorities.

According to a source who accompanied the CS, the Tanzanian police subjected the Kenyan delegation to a thorough dressing down and numerous headcounts.

One of the officials told the Daily Nation:

“They treated us like prisoners,”

“They would repeatedly count us. They even had the audacity to tell our Cabinet secretary that they would not return our passports”

While the Ugandan team was allowed to enter Tanga unhindered, Kenyans were denied entry and told they were intruders.

“They told us we were intruders and that they would only allow the Ugandan delegation into the port. They said they did not know what we wanted at the port as we had not notified them of our visit.

“They told us bluntly that we had not invited them to the Lamu meeting, so they would also not allow us entry into the Tanga port.

“We were simply unwelcome. It was a nasty experience.”
Another member told the DN.

Keter, however, told a section of the media that they were not harassed and their stay in Tanga was Okay.

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