Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Betty Kyalo Finally Reveals The Suffering She Underwent In The Hands Of Dennis Kyalo

It has been a tough two months for KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo after her marriage to investigate journalist went to the dogs.

Relationship ‘experts’ on social media did not make life any easier for her. She was accused of having loose morals. Some bloggers went a notch higher and claimed that she was dating a prominent Governor.

The well-endowed news anchor has come out to explain what caused the split with her husband. Betty took to instagram to thank her sister, Mercy Kyallo, for supporting her. She revealed that the couple had deep family issues.

According to a popular blog, Okari had earned the title of 'Kadinya' among his collegues.

This is what Betty shared:

“Thank you for your love and support @mercykyallo thats what sisters and family are for (sic). It is well with me. It’s been a long tough one but I came out a better and stronger person. Time to rebuild and begin the journey of self discovery. Here’s to the future! #RepostPlus @mercykyallo with @RepostPlus.”

Mercy laid bare the suffering her sister had undergone in the hands of Dennis Okari:

“Over the last couple of months my sister Betty has gone through her share of struggle, tears and sadness. A lot is being said and there is a lot of speculation. Fact is that there were deep family issues that divided us. Betty, our family is supporting you 100% and our prayer is that you find true happiness and fulfilment.”

“Isn’t this life as we know it? just when you think you’ve got the map, you meet a stop sign which redirects, reorganises and challenges you afresh. It’s upto you to keep strong and recharge! We love and care for you honey so do and be the best you can be. C’est la vie.”

Betty has since dropped Okari’s name.

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