Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Drunk Bishop Wanjiru Badly Abuses Jubilee Leaders-Details

Power drunk Bishop Wanjiru has come under heavy criticism for unleashing a tirade of abusive messages and threats of slapping Waithaka MCA Peter Kiragu on a Jubilee Whatsapp group.

The Jesus is Alive Ministries proprietor termed the MCA as a fool and a fake leader who never went to school.

The Bishop went on to state that she will ensure the MCA is not re-elected again. Wanjiru said that the same fate that befell Starehe MP will follow Kiragu for tarnishing her name.

She wrote:

“I have made sure he (Kiragu) does not come back as an MCA....bring it Mr, I will teach you a lesson or two like your Starehe friend”

Some of the members in the group were displeased with the Bishop, who will be running for the gubernatorial seat in the next general elections, terming her attacks as ‘useless’.

Kamanda left the group on Sunday after the vicious attack from Wanjiru.

A member reiterated by posting:

“The comments by Wanjiru are unfortunate. I do not expect a gubernatorial candidate who claims to be closer to God to emanate vilified vitriol and poison.”

Wanjiru, however, said that she won’t be apologizing to anyone.

Here are the bitter exchanges:


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