Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Girls In Kisumu Selling Sex For Only Sh10 (Details)

Poverty in Kisumu has driven young girls to ‘sell their bodies’ for a paltry Sh10, Amnesty reports.

The damning report further states that the young girls are sexually violated due to lack of knowledge of the law, culture and biting poverty in the low income estates.

Gender based violence goes unreported to relevant authorities due to stigma and local negotiations at community level.

The AIK executive director Justus Nyangaya faulted ‘local solutions’ for perpetuation sex violations among young girls are the perpetrators go unpunished.

Nyanganya said of the gender based violence:

"That’s why we want all cases of gender-based violence recorded, documented, reported to relevant authorities and aggressively monitored to ensure justice is done"

“Where the victim’s family is compromised, we urge that such cases proceed through formal justice processes since the crime committed is not just against the family but also against the state."

He went on to say that Amnesty is in partnership with the Canadian High Commission to facilitate a system of mapping. Recording, documenting, reporting and reporting cases of gender based violence.
Photo: BBC

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