Monday, April 4, 2016

How Bob Collymore Snatched Wambui Kamiru From First Husband

We take a closer look at Wambui Kamiru, her marriage to first husband and how she met Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore.
Kamiru first Marriage

Wambui Wamae was married to Joseph Kinyua in 2007. The couple, who were blessed with two lovely twins, had a blissful marriage until Bob Collymore came into the picture.

How she met Bob Collymore

The Safaricom CEO met Wambui in July 2011 during a fundraising event for survivors of Loreto Msongari School bus crash. His future wife attended the prestigious school. This is where, according to Jackal news, their love was brewed.

Wambui files for divorce citing domestic violence

Wambui accuses Kinyua of domestic violence and files for divorce. She abandons her young family for Bob Collymore. Kinyua also goes ahead and files another case accusing his wife of infidelity. Joseph cannot understand why Bob is spoiling his wife with expensive rides. Through his lawyer, Bob claims he met Kinyua when she was divorced.

Media play along and gives the story total blackout

To avert losing advertisement deals, the Jackal news reports, the media opts to give the story a total blackout. Vodafone was also keen to kill the story to avoid being entangled in a messy divorce case in a third world country involving their CEO. That would dent the image of Safaricom.

Education & Work

Wambui Kamiru has attended prestigious schools both locally and outside the country. She was a pupil at Loreti Msongari before proceeding to University of Maryland Baltimore County for a Bachelor's degree. She later completed her masters at the University of Oxford. Mrs. Collymore is the founder of Art-Space-an Independent visual art space that comprises of a commercial gallery and alternative show spaces.

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