Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How Jubilee Is Using Luo Council Of Elders To Fight Raila

Luo Council of Elders During Jubilee Thanksgiving Rally In Afraha Stadium

The Luo Council of Elders have come under intense fire after attending Jubilee’s thanksgiving rally held in Afraha Stadium.

According to the Willis Otondi, the 13 elders who attended the rally did not represent their interest.

He singled out the council chairman Mr Nyandiko Ongadi of being used by Jubilee to scuttle Raila Odinga’s presidential bid. It is alleged that Jubilee is keen on showing the Luo community that the council favors Uhuru and not Raila.

Reports indicate that the council members who attended were given Sh50,000 each.

Otondi said that he will meet elders from Karachuonyo, Homa Bay-where Ongadi hails from-to discuss his conduct.

He was quoted by the Star as saying:

“They are being used to divide the elders and that is why they always claim this group’s leadership”

He went on to say that they don’t recognize Ongadi as the chairman terming him as selfish.

“We want to walk in unity and put our house in order. Luo elders must first demonstrate by example to the society that they can work as a team,” Otondi said.

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