Friday, April 22, 2016

I Don’t Trust Kikuyu’s Will Vote For Me, DP Ruto Shares Fears With Raila In Secret Meeting (Details)

Details of what transpired during a well guided meeting between Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto have been revealed.

The former Premier agreed to meet the DP even after he called him a witch and a devil worshipper. It has now emerged that Ruto is not confident that the Gema community will vote for him after Uhuru’s term in office comes to an end.

Ruto reportedly apologized to the CORD leader saying his utterances are only for political expediency and nothing personally.

The DP is well aware of the possibility that the Kikuyu community may not vote for him come 2022. This fear has been reinforced by Kiambu Governor William Kabogo who said that Ruto should not assume that he will be the Jubilee automatic candidate in 2022. The sentiments have been rubbished by Central MPs but those close to the DP are not taking the message by the Governor for granted.

The DP was quoted by Kenya-Today as saying:

“Mzee najua saa ingine ninakukosea heshima kidogo but its nothing personal but political. Please pardon me for any unwarranted remarks that I may have made against you in the past”

“You know you are our political pillar and mentor and we as a country, cannot afford to survive without you. Ingawaje saa ingine huwa unakuja rough kidogo, we still respect your sentiments. Who know, I might need you in the near future because of my Presidential ambitions. Please back me in 2017. I know you have a loyal class and if you back me, I’ll automaticall become President” Added Ruto.

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Elle said...

If politicians did a job that they could be proud of all the time, that's all they would have to worry about. Let the people vote where they may, as long as good had been done in the country. It's about service.