Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I Prefer Working With Principled Magufuli And Not Uhuru, Museveni Declares

The dream of building the 2.5 billion oil pipeline that would link Lamu to Uganda vast oil fields has turned into a nightmare for top honchos in the Jubilee administration.

President Uhuru Kenyatta was optimistic that he would strike a deal with his Ugandan counterpart thanks to their new found friendship-only for the landlocked country to opt to re-route the oil pipeline to Tanzania’s coast.

According to Uganda, the new agreement with Tanzania was a way of reciprocating the many favors from Tanzania.

Uhuru had hosted Museveni at State House and it was generally thought that the two leaders had arrived at a deal.

Uhuru has not been in good books with Tanzania Magufuli and even campaigned for his opponent. The Jubilee administration sent its top lieutenants, led by Deputy President William Ruto, to campaign for Museveni third term.

Why Uganda opted for Tanzania and not Kenya raising a lot of questions. The new twist of events puts into jeopardy the success of the region’s largest infrastructure project-Lamu Port Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET).

A statement from Uganda presidency read in part:

“The two countries are planning to build an oil pipeline between Tanga (in Tanzania) and Uganda covering a distance of 1,120 km”

Magufuli on his part praised the deal with Uganda saying that it would create 15,000 jobs.

Uhuru cannot trust Museveni after he betrayed him and opted to work with his sworn nemesis Magufuli.

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