Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I will Be The Next MCA Of Maralal Ward, Youthful Leyola Lemarkat Declares

Leyola Lemarkat who is eyeing the Maralal Ward seat

He is young, ambitious and bustling with ideas on how he will transform Maralal ward.

Meet Leyola Lemarkat, a former Mount Kenya University (MKU) student, who is gearing to contest for the Maralal ward MCA seat.

Leyola, who was Sport Minister at MKU, claims that the area residents are fed up with the empty promises of the incumbent MCA Hon Elly Loldepe.

The youthful leader says that he has been receiving ‘undivided support across the ward’ and that’s why he has confidence he will trounce Loldepe.

Working as a personal assistant to Samburu North MP Hon Alois Lentoimaga, has been an eye open on how the qualities that make a good leader.

Leyola has however not revealed the political party he will contest in.

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