Monday, April 18, 2016

Kizza Besigye Girlfriend, Dr Stella Nyanzi, Str!ps N@k3d

Opposition leader Kizza Besigye staunch supporter, Dr Stella Nyanzi, stripped n@ked and shared the photos on social media after she was evicted from her office.

Dr Nyanzi has been accused of being Dr Besigye side dish, accusations that she answered with a satirical piece.

Her office at the Institute of Social Research (MISR) has since re-opened by police and University Vice Chancellor Prof. Ddumba Sentamu.

It is said that Nyanzi was thrown out of her office by Prof Mahmood Mamdani for defying to participate in MISR PhD teaching program claiming it was not part of her contract.

Her office was reopened following orders by the Principal College of Humanaties, Mr Edward Kirumira.

Nyanzi was quoted as saying:

“Even powerless can be heard. My office has been opened. I want to thank those who supported me in the struggle. I have fought for the last 6yrs. It has taken the power of the VC and Administration to intervene.”

“He locked mine and I also locked his. I told them that I will only give him his keys only if mine is opened. I have showed him my nudity. That’s the weapon I used to win, I will even show him my womanhood.” Nyanzi said

The outspoken Stella castigated Yoweri Museveni for rigging the elections. Her woes have been linked to her support of FDC leader Kizza Besigye.

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