Monday, April 25, 2016

Make Kikuyu The National Language To Unite Kenyans, Philip Ochieng States

The only way Kenyans can be united is if Kikuyu is adopted as the national language, Philip Ochieng shared in his column on Daily Nation.

Ochieng wrote that Kikuyu language will be able to serve ‘Kenyans bountifully’. He went on to state that the Kikuyu elite are a longsighted lot like the Jews.

He wrote in part:

It is, of course, a suggestion that — in a tribe-cursed country like ours (in which anti-Kikuyu prejudices run deep nationwide) — the elites of other big ethnic communities, especially individuals in business and in politics, might not entertain.

But think of what it might yield for all of us if, even in its self-interests, the Kikuyu elite were as longsighted as Jewry has been in Euro-America since 1945.

Jewry remains as avaricious as Christian Europe, in its self-righteousness, has depicted it But Jewry has, more or less, learned to respect and invest in all races, ethnicities, religions, classes and genders.

Such group survival intelligence is rare in history. For the result is that they continue to thrive but now without occasioning the intensity of resentment that once played the Jews frontally against such racial pinheads as Adolf Hitler.

In short, the Kikuyu elite must now see the need to invest resources nationwide but consciously avoid business practices that have hitherto prejudiced other Kenyans against that ethnic class.

It must consciously attempt to endear itself even politically among the tribal communities whose elites now stand in solid suspicion, even fear and hatred, of the economic Kikuyu.

Some Kenyans have welcomed the suggestion saying it’s long overdue while others castigated.


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