Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Man Who Sneaked Into State House To Pay Uhuru A ‘Visit’ Found Dead

William Njuguna was found dead at Uhuru Park main dais

A 29 year old man, who unsuccessfully attempted to sneak into State House to ‘visit’ President Uhuru, lifeless body was found at Uhuru Park.

William Njuguna said that he wanted to have a look at the buildings that house the Head of State when he appeared before a Nairobi court.

The body of the deceased was taken to City mortuary awating autopsy to establish the cause of death. Mutuini chief George Mukuria told Nairobinews that he had managed to locate and inform the deceased immediate family.

George Mukuria, chief of Mutuini told the news outlet that Njunguna’s body is currently lying at the city morgue awaiting an autopsy.

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