Saturday, April 2, 2016

One Must Have A Certificate Of Circumcision Before He Can Vie For A Political Post & We Will Circumcise ODM MPs By Force, Mike Sonko States (See Details/video)

Controversial Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has said he will introduce a bill in parliament that will make it mandatory for one to have a certificate of circumcision to be eligible to vie for a political seat.

The sentiment comes two days after CORD MPs whistled when the President Uhuru was giving his state of the Nation address.

Sonko said that those leaders who whistled when the President was delivering his speech must be circumcised by force. He also urged IEBC to lock out persons from vying for political seats if they don’t produce certificate of circumcision.

The Nairobi Senator blasted Millie Odhiambo for throwing her pant towards the direction of the President. Sonko said that he was ready to get a driver, tout and a bouncer to satify her sexual needs.

Those who whistled when Uhuru was addressing the nation include:

Click here to watch the video: Mike sonko asking Luo to be circumcised

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