Friday, April 22, 2016

One On One With The Celebrated Pam Mogaka

Pam Mogaka is the brains behind DEAR and Diaspora Awards

She is humble, tough, well-grounded and bursting with creativity-those are just some of the adjectives that best define Pam Mogaka. The former Egerton University alumnus shares with this writer the inspiration behind DEAR and Diaspora Awards as well as the much talked about dating site.

QWho is Pam Mogaka

A: My name is Dr. Pamela Obare mogaka. I was born in Nyamagesa in Kisii County. I went to school in Kenya Moi Nyabohanse before proceeding to Egerton University. I later relocated to the USA for further studies. I am a doctor in nursing and a trained journalist. I run a TV and Radio show.

Q: What was the motivation behind Dear Awards and Diaspora Awards

The motivation behind Diaspora entertainment and recognition awards (DEAR) ceremony was the fact that we have people in our community who have done exceptionally well but are not recognized at all. We have Kenyans who have excelled as actors, actresses, singers and models but they have not been accepted in Hollywood-we wanted to create a platform for our own people to be appreciated and accepted for their hard work. The platform also awards the youths who have done exceptionally well in their fields.

Q: Do you work with a team

A: We work with a team of 8 people and lots of volunteers

Apart from the USA, Are Kenyans in other countries eligible to win the prestigious awards

A: Yes. As long as you are in the diaspora you are eligible.

Q: Let’s switch gears and talk about
Are Kenyans in the diaspora too busy to find love

A: Kenyans in the diaspora are not so busy to find love, but this is another platform to find love. As you know nowadays everything is done on the internet its good for us diasporas to create a love connections to all Kenyans all over the world.

Q: Was your brainchild

A: My two Kenyan friends and I-one of them single- decided to provide this services to our community. With Facebook, whatsapp, twitter and Instagram there is a need for us Diasporas to keep up with the rest of the world

Q: How is the response so far since the launch of the dating site

A: It has been amazing and the response has been great. Some people write to thank us for providing these services and they state it has been long overdue

Q: Must ONE be in the disapora to become a member of LaPassion

A: No you can be in Kenya and find you love anywhere in the world. LA passion is for all people white black and yellow

Q: Are you single, taken or searching

A: I am married and blessed with four children

Q: What are your future plans

A: Continue providing a platform for our community to shine. Continue giving our youths opportunities to shine. Most of all to give back to our community. DEAR event this year is Sept 3. Please join us in the nomination and voting process.

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