Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pastor Ascends To Heaven Takes Selfies With Jesus During Easter Weekend (Details)

Imagine ascending to heaven for Easter and taking selfies with Jesus-and descending the same day to share your experiences with mere mortals!!

Well, a South African Pastor was ‘kidnapped’ by angels for a trip to heaven to meet Jesus. He made sure he carried his Samsung Galaxy to take selfies with Jesus.

Mboro, as the Prophet is known, shared some light moments with Jesus before returning to planet earth the same day to share his escapades with earthlings.

Mboro, or p3nis in Swahili, is willing to share the pictures on whatsapp at a cost of 5,000 Rands-approximately Sh.30,000.
According to the spokesman of the Incredible ministries, Mboro took photos with Jesus and other celebrity angels.

Pastors have been making outlandish claims to fleece their flocks and make them look like they have supernatural powers.
Another pastor in South Africa made his flock eat live snakes as he stepped on their backs.

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