Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This Is The Hospital Uhuru & His Family Go For Medical Check-Up As Kenyans Continue To Die Like Flies

Image of the prestigious Bupa Cromwel Hospital

Bupa Cromwel Hospital in London is arguably one of the best medical facility in the world. The hospital, where former First Lady Lucy Kibaki died, has highly trained personnel and world class medical facilities.

The tastefully designed hospital, with expensive d├ęcor akin to that of a five star hotel, is one of the few hospitals of choice for Kenya high and mighty.

This is probably why President Uhuru Kenyatta is busy campaigning and not tackling the ongoing doctors’ strike that has paralyzed operations in public hospital. The poor, who depend on these facilities, have been left on their devices-so far over 30 needless deaths have been reported across the country.

The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union are rightfully demanding for a 300 percent pay increment as per the collective bargaining agreement signed between the medics and the government in June 2013.

Uhuru and Ruto, who can afford to go to hospital such as Bupa Cromwel, are busy campaigning as Kenyans continue to die.

Here is what blogger Robert Alai shared when former First Lady Lucy Kibaki died:

What these corrupt leaders looting Kenya will discover is that no amount of loot will insulate them from death.

Our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers are dying daily due to preventable diseases but since greed precede service, the deaths will never end.

From Hospitals in Kiambu, Isiolo, Isebania to Malaba, we can't get proper medical care because someone must steal. Our hospitals dampens the hopes of patients as our leaders seek treatment in foreign lands.

Even the 7-star Bupa Cromwell Hospital could not stop the death of Lucy Kibaki. Not even with the loot from the regime of her husband. She couldn't raid the news desk of death announcer to stop death.

I pray that our leaders remember to equip local hospitals because their greed is killing many more.

Below is the picture of the reception at Bupa Cromwell Hospital and KNH. Compare and contrast.

Here are photos of the hospital:

Kenyan hospital far cry from where the likes of Uhuru receive treatment


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