Saturday, April 2, 2016

Revealed: Shocking List Of G@y Award Winning Kenyan Gospel Artists

Unnatural acts that go against the teachings of the Holy book are fast gaining traction in Kenyan churches and society in general.

According to our mole-who is also gay-two of Kenya leading gospel artists are g@y. The artists have been embroiled in endless war of words on social and the mainstream media.

Reports have emerged that the two started throwing brickbats at each other when a celebrated radio presenter ditched the older artist for the younger singing sensation.

The story goes that the radio presenter went ahead and bought his new catch a top of the range fuel guzzler.

Our mole-who is also g@y-went on to reveal why the two artists songs receive massive airplay in the radio station that ordinarily plays classic music.

The loaded radio presenter is also said to be in a relationship with Ugandan singing sensation Jose Chameleon.

To cover their tracks, the artists have hoodwinked their fans into believing they are straight by have been involved in numerous relationships with members of the opposite sex.

More to follow

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