Ruto Finally Speaks About His Ordeal At The ICC


The case at the International Criminal Court involving Joshua arap Sang and myself was finally terminated on April 5th, 2016. This termination reaffirms our innocence and vindicates our steadfast stand that we had nothing to do with the post-election violence of 2007-2008.

I start by thanking Almighty God for His grace that not only saw us through the case but also caused the truth to be revealed.
I thank my wife Rachel, my mother, my children and the larger family for their steadfast prayers, emotional and moral support.
I pay tribute to my lawyers Karim Khan, David Hooper, Alagendra Shyamala, Esa Faal and the entire defence team who put in incredible effort, working tirelessly over long hours to systematically uncover the lies and falsehoods packaged as a case before the ICC. I am touched by your goodwill, your intellect, vigilance, integrity and professionalism.

I thank many Religious leaders from all faiths and all parts of the country for their prayers and support. I thank those who visited and prayed with me, those who comforted my family, those who at personal expense travelled to The Hague with me and offered prayers in places not used to prayer.

I salute our Political leaders and diplomatic teams for their support. I treasure immensely their comradeship in the cold of The Hague, their skills at the negotiating tables and many other places and their earnest and unrelenting prayers.

I appreciate the millions of Kenyans who fasted and prayed for us throughout this ordeal, and sent us words of support, encouragement and best wishes. Your sacrifice and labour of love caused the case to be determined on the basis of truth. God answers prayers; God is faithful.

I want to thank my supporters and the people of Kenya for believing in our innocence against all odds, insinuations and provocations. I am grateful for their support over the six tortuous years of a trial that should never have been. You stayed the course, kept the faith, stared down the enemy and ashamed the devil.

In the darkest hours of my ordeal, and now at my moment of vindication, I have not forgotten the victims of post-election violence, who suffered unimaginable trauma. People from all communities, all regions and all religions throughout Kenya suffered. Every Kenyan who was touched by the tragedy matters. Their suffering demands that we must collectively continue on our chosen path of reconciliation and we must work to achieve harmony as a nation.

We must work together to complete the work of uniting and healing this nation. In the words of our National Prayer, we must work to ensure that we all dwell in Unity, Peace and Liberty.

The victims of the violence have been patient as the Government proceeded with various phases of resettlement efforts. We are determined and we will not tire until the resettlement is concluded.

The people of Africa have demonstrated their unwavering solidarity with the people and Government of Kenya. Their support throughout the duration of the cases is deeply appreciated. The African Union has greatly contributed to the continents unity and solidarity as we searched for justice.

The events of 2007-2008 stand as the cruelest chapter in our history as an independent country. The unfortunate and senseless violence led to loss of life and destruction of property. It is something we must learn from and never repeat even as we bring closure to it by addressing the various outstanding issues.

My deep conviction has always been that – political competition must be about ideas, solutions, programmes, policies and development, and never about suspicion, hostility, division, religion, region, ethnicity or hatred on any grounds.
The case has been terminated. For good record, there was never a meeting or meetings in my house, or anywhere I know, where violence of whatever nature was planned against anyone. There were never any guns or any other weapons in my house or anywhere I know. There was never a plan by me or any person I know to cause violence.

I have no knowledge of any group of people or network of individuals that planned violence.
The allegations of my involvement in planning, arming, financing and inciting people to commit acts of criminality are totally false. They are figments of fraudulent, hateful, malicious and treacherous minds.

The whole case was a conspiracy, conceived, concocted and contrived on the basis of a cruel and malicious lie. It was entirely founded on odious falsehoods. Many other reasons have been postulated as to why the case collapsed. The simple truth is, the case collapsed because I am innocent.

The question in my mind and that of many Kenyans and every human being who believes in justice is: How did completely fabricated and fictitious events become central pillars to a massive and expensive international criminal case?

How did an obvious lie take six long years to be unearthed? What impelled organizations and individuals to conspire on such a vast scale to visit heartache and anguish on so many innocent people?

It is my prayer that one day, those who connived, conspired and colluded to manufacture this case, those who bribed and coached people to testify to events that never took place, those who in the words of Judge Robert Fremr “demonstrated a willingness to lie in return for personal gain and induce others to lie as well, apparently without concern for the significant implications of such dishonesty,” will engage in soul searching and find their conscience.

I pray that no other Kenyan or human being ever falls victim to the sort of ordeal we have endured.

In the midst of all the confusion and turmoil, one man defied everyone’s expectation except mine to stand by me. I want to thank my dear friend, Uhuru Kenyatta, the President of the Republic of Kenya, for his steadfast support and encouragement as we went through this process. He is my friend, my brother, a dependable ally and true leader. Mr. President, when your own case was terminated, you postponed your thanksgiving in solidarity with Joshua and I. I now join you and the people of Kenya in thanksgiving to God on Saturday, April 16, 2016.
Thank you and God Bless you and God Bless Kenya.

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