Friday, April 15, 2016

These Are The Powerful Positions Kalonzo Has Been Promised If He Joins Jubilee

How Kalonzo Was Paid 7 Billion By Mama Ngina In Night Meeting Mombasa And Promised These Powerful Position To Ditch Nasa

The imminent departure of Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka from the National Super Alliance was reportedly schemed by powerful forces in Jubilee and executed by Aden Duale.

Kalonzo reportedly received a sum of Ksh 7 billion through his surrogates, Farah Maalim and Abdikadir.

The Wiper leader, the post claims, was promised a number of powerful cabinet slots and the position of majority leader.

Vincent Mong’are shared this on his facebook page

I told you how Kalonzo Musyoka met Mama Ngina, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto and Aden Duale in a night meeting in Mombasa. I told you how he was offered 5 billion, the majority leader's position and a number of Cabinet slots. The agreement is that the only thing that will keep Kalonzo in NASA is if he's given the NASA presidential ticket. And then after the elections, Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee will manipulate results and hand themselves a first round victory and Kalonzo Musyoka will accept defeat. That's the plan. So whether the ticket is given to Kalonzo Musyoka, he has already sold the NASA victory to Jubilee. Kalonzo is not in NASA. Only time will vindicate me.

It has even been alleged that the Wiper leader met Jubilee operatives to formulate and rubber stamp the deal, claims that have been rubbished by Kalonzo spokeman Dennis Kivisu.

Kalonzo reportedly has held his ground saying CORD will provide him with a better opportunity to ascend to power.

Uhuru is said to have offered Kalonzo the position of National Assembly Speaker

Two Cabinet Secretaries position

Three Principal Secretaries position

Five Ambassadorial post

Parastatal appointments.

Also in the offing is ensuring that infrastructure projects are on course.

President Uhuru wants to win the 2017 presidential elections by 60 percent and that’s why he is keen on having Kalonzo in his camp.

President Uhuru held a series of meetings with Wiper leaders at State.

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