This Is How Fred Gumo Betrayed Raila Odinga By Sleeping With The Enemy


Former Westlands MP Fred Gumo is being used by Jubilee to scuttle the CORD coalition.

According to Corridors of Power, the seasoned politician is fronting his two sons for the MP’s and MCA seat on a Jubilee ticket.

Gumo is said to have received loads of cash from Jubilee to make sure that Cord does not win the Westlands seat.

The electorate are, however, not happy with Gumo and have vowed to teach him a political lesson he will never forget.
A rude shock is awaiting Gumo’s family in the next general elections to vote en-mass for Gumo sons’ opponents.

Gumo was a stalwart of Raila Odinga but changed camps after Raila lost the last general elections under controversial circumstances.

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