Friday, April 15, 2016

You Are A Witch And Devil Worshiper, DP Ruto Tells Raila

Deputy President William Ruto has accused former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for being behind his ICC woes in the hope of wrestling power from them (read Uhuru and Ruto).

Ruto said that Raila had played a key role in fixing him at the ICC so that he could rule the country.

“Those who fixed us, we hear they are very annoyed because the case were lost and now say it was because of a particular witness and some other arguments. They should accept that they lost it whether they like it or not”, the DP told a gathering in Ol Kalou.

Raila told AFP in France that it was unfortunate ICC was blackmailed into dropping cases against Uhuru and Ruto.

This irked the duo with Uhuru saying that Raila is only interested in seeing people kill each other.

“This guy just wants people to fight and kill each other. I wonder if he ever gets a chance to rule, whether he will rule chicken or rats,” the President said.

On his part, Ruto called the CORD leader a witch and devil worshiper.

“They fixed us so that they could lead but they will not lead this country because they are witches and worshippers of the devil” Ruto said.

“If they fix your brother so that you can lead then you are nothing but a devil worshipper” the DP added.


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