Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Chinese Feeding Africans With Human Flesh

The favorite beef stew you enjoyed with your family may as well be human meat.

According to a post appearing on Zambian Watch, Chinese have been collecting dead bodies and packing them as corned beef then dispatching them to Africa.

The human meat is added species to make it tasty and preservatives to last for a long time.

Part of the post read:

"Please send this to all your contacts , it's very important. Chinese people have started producing corned beef with their dead bodies and sending them to Africa . Please stay away from corned beef irrespective of brand , most especially in Africa and from Afro-Asian grocery shops" they charged.

It is not clear as to why Chinese will pack human dead body as beef and send to African Countries

The Chinese government is yet to respond to this damning allegation.

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