Saturday, May 14, 2016

Cord May Have Been Behind Juma’s Death To Gain Political Mileage, Pundits Claim

Jacob Juma To Buried Today

A new twist is taking shape in the untimely assassination of Jacob Juma. Conspiracy theorists now claim that Cord may have been behind the assassination of Jacob Juma to gain political in Western.

Deputy President William Ruto has been adversely mentioned in the macabre killing of the businessman. Jacob Juma, JJ as he was popularly known, had shared on social media platform that the DP was plotting his assassination.

JJ had linked the DP on various corrupt dealings including the grabbing of the Langata Primary school playground. His latests revelation that Jubilee had misappropriated Eurobond funds further made him a possible target.

Jubilee supporters now claim that Cord was losing ground in Western to the ruling party and the only way to win back the support back was by assassinating the political activist and blame William Ruto.

JJ, who will be buried today, made it clear that he did not want Ruto to attend his funeral. Politician Cyrus Jirongo made damning claims during the funeral service of the businessman by saying that JJ had slapped the DP.

Cord leaders and the family have asked the government to bring onboard the FBI or Scotland Yard to carry out thorough investigations.

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