Monday, May 16, 2016

DP Ruto Will Cost Me The Presidency, Worried Uhuru Tells Aides

Image: Deputy President William Ruto

President Uhuru Kenyatta is now worried that his Deputy William Ruto will cost him the presidency in the forthcoming election.

Uhuru is between a rock and a hard place given the dwindling fortunes of his deputy in his Rift Valley political bastion.

Gideon Moi advised the President to deal with Rift Valley residents directly if he wanted votes from the region.

The Baringo Senator said that Ruto is no longer trusted by the locals because of his arrogance and abusive nature. He warned Ruto to stop insulting him and his father-retired President Daniel arap Moi.

"If the President wants votes from this region, he should come to the people directly himself"

Nick Salat was quoted by the Star as saying:

"What Ruto is doing is unacceptable and we will not allow that to continue. We are telling the President to take note that his deputy is fast losing his popularity and will not be able to marshal the votes he did in the last election"

The DP name has virtually appeared in every major scandal with the latest one being the assassination of businessman Jacob Juma.

Conspiracy theorists and Cord leaders have insisted that the DP was the one behind the murder of Juma. Ruto has denied the allegations and threatened to take legal actions against those perpetuating the narrative.

The President is however worried that the bad publicity stalking Ruto will ultimately affect his chances of reclaiming the most powerful seat in the country.

Ruto was also adversely mentioned in the attempted land grabbing of Langata Primary school playground. Matters were made worse when police teargased protesting pupils.

Murkomen has come to the defense of his party leader and accused Cord leader of being the architect of the killing to gain political mileage in Western Kenya.

Jubilee was making political headways in the region with a raft of goodies thrown on their way. Political pundits aver that the killing of Juma will deal a major blow to the ruling coalition in the region.

This, according to political analysts, does not matter if the assassination was carried out by political rivals or it was a ‘normal’ crime.

The opposition has effectively managed to paint Jubilee as the villain-a tag that will not be easy to erase.

Talk is rife that the President may go with Gideon Moi as his Deputy President.

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