Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It’s Nonsense To Suggest God Saved Miracle Baby From Collapsed Huruma Building, Atheist President Claims

Controversial Kenyan Atheist President Harrison Mumia has castigated those claiming that the baby who survived for almost 80 hours in the rubble of the collapsed Huruma building as a ‘miracle child’.

The 6 months baby Dealeryn Saisi Wasike has become an overnight sensation with politicians jostling to take photos with her. The ill-fated building has claimed 23 lives so far and 93 still unaccounted for.

Harrison questioned why God had to let the other people die if he was loving.

This is what Harrison had to say:

Media houses (Citizen TV, Nation TV) are depicting the rescue of a child who has been rescued from the Huruma Trategy alive as a miracle. This child has been rescued after being buried for over 24 hours.

She came out alive. Kenyans are now calling this child a miracle baby. They say this is a sign that God is Great, God is mighty, we are serving a mighty god. Let me be clear. God is not great. It is not a miracle, and it is not an act of God. It is not a miracle that has saved this child from death.

The child's biological faculties simply allowed her to survive for the 24 hrs. If the child was still buried under the ruble for two more weeks, she would surely been dead by now. It is not God. It is natural factors. Many have died out of this tragedy. It is unfair to think that god favored one child against many others who have died in this tragedy.

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