Friday, May 6, 2016

Jacob Juma Shot Dead

Businessman and ODM diehard Jacob Juma has been shot dead by gunmen on a motorbike.

The Jubilee critic was driving from his bar when the incident occurred, Nairobi CID boss Ireri Kamwende said.

Jacob Juma was best known for exposing the evils bedeviling the society. Police are carrying investigations to ascertain the motive behind the killing.

The business man had in his previous post on social media claimed that his life was in danger.

This is what he had posted on social media about his impending assasination:

High voltage intelligence reports reaching me is that Jubilee leaders have hatched a plot to assassinate me over my stand on corruption in gov't. The leaders are so worried about Eurobond revelations and the confidential details that I have on the heist and corruption perpetuated by Jubilee gov't.

Yesterday's blackmail article in the daily Nation paper was the genesis of their grand plan. They are using a police officer called Zadock Angira who also works for Nation Media Group to portray me as a person involved in land disputes to cover up murder. The scheme is well choreographed like that of the late Hon.

Muchai who was murdered in cold blood and they used land issues to cover it up. The purpose is to confuse Kenyans that i am engaged in land fraud and disputes and therefore my purported opponents murdered me. I bought a nine acre piece of land in 1999, 17 years ago, that had a valid title deed from Jonathan Moi.

How do I become a land grabber yet I was a purchaser for value? My proprietary interest in the property ceased in 2009 when I sold this land too. Why would a normal person try to blackmail my name over such a transaction? What is their intention? Yet there is no dispute over this land!! High court has already arbitrated over this land and ruled in favour of Jonathan Moi's company in 2012. Why now? I will be the last person to buy a grabbed public piece of land.

NLC is being used as part of the bigger plan to execute their heinous plan. All I can say is that I am not scared of death. My destiny is not in my hands but God. I will never give up fighting corruption as that is cowardice. I am happy about NYS, Langata Primary School land, Weston Hotel land, NHIF Karen land, Ruai Sewage land and Eurobond scandals that I have been at the centre of their fight for recovery back to the people of Kenya. God bless Kenya.
More to follow...

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