Jubilee Using Poisoned Teargas On Cord Protesters


It has now emerged that the teargas being used on Cord supporters, who have been attempting to storm IEBC offices, is poisonous.

The teargas was reportedly banned in 1993 by the United Nations under the International Chemical Convention.

Maj Bashir Abdullahi told a section of the media that the teargas has major health implications on the protestors and the anti-riot police officers-sentiments echoed by health practitioners.

The banned teargas damages the cornea leading to cataracts and in some instances death.

Cord supporters, led by Raila, Wetangula and Kalonzo, have been attempting to storm IEBC offices to eject the commissioners who are said to be sleeping with Jubilee.

IEBC Chairman Isaack Hassan said that his commissioners will not vacate office through unorthodox methods that are inconsistent with the constitutions.

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