Friday, May 27, 2016

Kenyans Shocked After It Emerges Government Administered Polio And Tetanus Vaccines That Were Laced With Birth Control Hormones

Photo: Nation

The Catholic church came under stinging attack after it urged parents to defy efforts by the government to have their children vaccinated against polio and tetanus.

Fresh revelations have shown that the Catholic Church was right all along.

According to a letter leaked to the media by Gitobu Imanyara Advocates, Agrip Quest Ltd that conducted the test to establish if the vaccines are safe to be administered to women and children.

The company went on to allege that the government declined to pay Sh13.8 million after samples showed that indeed the vaccines contained birth control hormones.

The Government tried to have the company alter the results but they refused to play ball. According to the damning letter, the Ministry of Health withheld the to pay after the laboratory stood its ground.

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