Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Kikuyu Protestor Killed By Police Resurfaces As A Kisii Man

The international media broke the news of the death of a protestor who was clobbered by police senselessly during the storm IEBC rally.

The alleged victim of police brutality was known as Benard Ngari and is said to have been ferried to the IEBC rally by Moses Kuria.

It is alleged that Ngari was among a group of youths who had been paid handsomely to cause chaos in the protests inorder to paint Cord in bad light.

News that the protestor had succumbed to his injuries spread on social media like wildfire. Police later disputed the claims saying that the protestor was alive and kicking.

The alleged victim of police brutality even appeared on prime time news to give his side of the story. Boniface Mosoti said that he passed out when police clobbered him and only found consciousness a few hours later.

According to Mosoti, he spent the night at Uhuru Park where his uncle picked him the following day. He was later taken to Coptic hospital for further medical check-ups.

Social media pundits have, however, discredited Mosoti claims saying he was not the victim. They went on to share photos contrasting the two individuals.

Robert Alai, who was actively sharing the photos, has claimed that Moses Kuria has threatened to have him killed like Jacob Juma if he does not stop making such allegations.

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