Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Please Forgive Me And Lets Work Together, Miguna Miguna Pleads With Raila

Miguna Miguna being frisked by hawk-eyed police officers

Mercurial political activist found himself in unfamiliar territory after he was manhandled by security officers as he attempted to gain entry at the funeral service of former First Lady Lucy Kibaki.

Miguna Miguna, who broke ranks with former Prime Minister and went on to write a damning report of him, was frisked by the officers who asked him to remove his belt and other personal effects before he could be allowed to enter the Othaya Approved Grounds.

It is not clear why the officers took extra precaution in handling the loud mouthed character but sources within State House say he cannot be trusted after leaking important information about Raila personal life.

Smarting from the humiliation, Miguna Miguna has reportedly sent emissaries to try and sweet-talk Raila to allow him back to the Cord coalition.

The outspoken Miguna will be running for the gubernatorial seat in 2017. He has labelled Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko as a drug dealer who is unfit to hold in public office. Miguna wondered how Sonko will engage world leaders given that he is illiterate.

Miguna was Raila political advisers before the two fell out. The political commentator went on to write ‘Peeling back the Mask’ that badly disparaged the former Premier painting him as a weak indecisive leader.

The book was widely circulated online though political pundits averred that the book did not have a negative effect among Raila’s core supporters.

It is yet to be seen if Raila will forgive Miguna.

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