Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Please Keep Off The ‘Toothless’ Raila, Gideon Moi Warned

Kanu officials have come out to warn Gideon Moi against associating with Cord leader Raila Odinga.

According to Nakuru Kanu chairman Wilson Leitich, the former Prime Minister is keen on dividing the Kalenjin community for his own selfish ends.

He went on to term Raila as a toothless leader whose political life is as good as dead.

Speaking during a press conference in Molo, where he was flanked by area leaders, Leitich said that the community had voted for Raila unanimously and he went on to repay the Kalenjin by evicting them from the Mau forest.

Leitich sentiments were shared by John Maritim (Kanu Kuresoi North secretary) who said that the government was solidly behind Jubilee.

He urged Gideon Moi to show respect to the Deputy President William Ruto branidng him as the Kalenjin anointed leader.

John said that Raila is a relic in the community and he should forget getting votes from the populous region. He advised Gideon to go slow on his political ambitions and allow Ruto to finish his term.

Kanu secretary general Nick Salat came underfire for suggesting that the party was open to work with Cord saying no such agreements had been made.


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