Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ruto’s Daughter Ex-Boyfriend Is A Devil Worshipper

June Ruto’s ex-boyfriend Meshack Kimutai and aspiring Emgwen MP is a devil worshipper, a post on Facebook alleges.

The businessman who broke up with DP William Ruto’s daughter is said to be the cause of many accidents in Rift Valley roads. It is alleged that Kimutai sacrifices the innocent road users to get favors from the devil.

Some however see the allegations being driven by parochial political interests. Those disparaging his character under a facebook page created for him ‘Meshack Kimutai Exposed Illuminati/Devil’ maybe his political enemies.

Here is one of the post:

“Allow us to expose this Devil worshipper.
Meshack Kimutai is the head of Freemason in Rift Valley .
He is the cause of many accidents in Rift Valley roads where he sacrifices Blood .
He wants to cheat the people to be MP .
How can Illuminati, cheat , Thief , Grabber , Drug dealer , Girlfriend Thief , Family Breaker , P0rn St@r be MP ???????

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