Saturday, May 7, 2016

There Is No God, Larry Madowo Claims

Top rated TV anchor Larry Madowo has come to the defense of the Atheist Society of Kenya (ASK) claiming the existence of God is a creation of man.

Sharing his thoughts in his weekly opinion piece on the Daily Nation, Larry wrote a critical piece that castigated religious leaders for attacking his atheists counterparts.

ASK President Harrison Mumia came under stinging criticism when he said that baby Dealeryn Saisa Wasike, who was rescued in the collapsed Huruma building rubble, was not a miracle baby and God had not played any part in his survival.

Part of his article read:

“There is probably no God. Look, hear me out before you order me burned at the stake. Most people, including myself, still live as if there were a God anyway, in the hope of finding a version of paradise in the afterlife. I was raised Catholic, flirted with agnosticism in my late teens before settling for a new-fangled brand of Christianity that my father’s mother still considers a passing cloud. It has been a decade. I identify as a born-again Christian and often draw curious stares whenever I say that, but that’s a tale for another day.

Christians and Muslims demanded the immediate removal of the Attorney General for allowing the ASK to be registered. The pressure was so much that the AG suspended the registration of the society.

The pre-amble of the Kenyan constitution was quoted by former Kiambu MP Stephen Ndichu. It states:

“We, the people of Kenya … acknowledging the supremacy of the Almighty God of all creation…”

It is yet to be seen if the society will have its way and be registered.

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