Top Five Most Dangerous Kenyan Leaders


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The drums of war have reached a crescendo with leaders fanning vitriol that is bound to plunge the country into chaos. This past four weeks the opposition has been engaging in running battles with anti-riot police. Already, three Cord supporters have lost their lives in the ensuing clamor to have IEBC commissioners out of office. What has transpired in the weekly Monday riots is the deep ethnic division in Kenya propagated by leaders from both political divides.

Here is the list of the top five warmongers:

Moses Kuria-Gatundu South MP

The fiery Gatundu South MP is known for having a sharp uncontrollable tongue. He has in the past demeaned the Luo nation for not undergoing circumcision. Moses Kuria urged his machete wielding constituents to attack anybody who opposed former CS Devolution Anne Waiguru in a veiled reference to Raila Odinga. During the IEBC demonstration Moses Kuria said that he was disappointed that police only shot dead three protestors and not more. He quipped: “I really wish more died. The shooting skills of our police is questionable”

George Aladwa-Former Mayor

He is best remembered for urging ODM supporters to attack Jubilee supporters incase Raila’s is rigged out of power again. He said:

“2017 imekaribia na sisi kama watu wa ODM tumebaki na risasi moja na mimi nimeambia party leader Raila Amollo Odinga that this time round, the outcome of the elcetion, ikiwa tumeshinda na watunyang’anye, wacha kiumane… Raila ndio akuwe president, lazima watu wakufe kiasi. Kwani kuna makosa gani?”

William Kabogo-Kiambu Governor

His style of politics is informed by incitement that does not befit a man of his stature in the country. Like most Central Kenya leaders, he has perfected the act of hurling insults to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

He was quoted as saying:

“Today is Demethew’s day, we don’t have much to say. So much have been said by the MPs and those who think there will be fight in Kenya, we are not interested in war but we are not afraid of anyone. Is it true ? Are we together ? Do we tell them that ?

And it’s not that am declaring war in Kenya but just the other day I told Mr. Muthama to stop abusing the President of Kenya and if he tries I will get him from his mother’s house. Let them give birth to a boy to abuse but not Uhuru. Are we together?

Everytime someone stands is Uhuru this, uhuru that. When you go to social media all they have is dirty photos. They don’t have manners, let them know we are fed up. Do you agree with me ?

And you newspaper writers tell Raila to stop nonsense and if they want to take us to court, let them do so. I am ready and I have money to defend myself. Are we together? We stop dwelling on issues being raised by uncircumcised men all the time. And I always tell you that that thing (foreskin) is not good. It is supposed to be cut because it lowers thinking capacity. Are we together ?”

Johnstone Muthama-Machakos Senator
The outspoken senator is facing a number of incitement court cases. Johnstone Muthama has been on the fore front of agitating for the removal of IEBC commissioners.

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