Monday, May 23, 2016

Top Ten Most Influential Opposition Leaders In Africa

Former Prime Raila Odinga

Being in the opposition in a continent rife with cases of human rights abuses is no walk in the park. Even with a new crop of youthful African Presidents the script seems to be same: beat the living daylights out of the opposition until they toe the line. This is a running theme in third world countries that seemingly will not dissipate anytime soon. Here is a list of the most powerful opposition leaders who have continued to defy the powers that be.

Raila Amollo Odinga-Kenya Opposition Leader

He is arguably one of the most visible opposition leaders who enjoys near fanatical following in most regions of Kenya. Raila Odinga has for a long time been the posterboy of opposition politics in Kenya and Africa by extension since the 80’s. His attempts to overthrow President Daniel Arap Moi in 1982 landed him in detention for six years. Raila served as MP for Kibra before joining his ‘tormentor’ Moi to serve in his government as Minister of Energy in 2001. Agwambo, as the doyen of Kenyan opposition is popularly known, instigated an internal rebellion that caused Key leaders to ditch Moi and form the Rainbow coalition. Raila, who served as Kenya second Prime Minister, led a countrywide crusade in Kenya to demand the ouster of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commissions (IEBC) commissioners accusing them of being biased. Raila has unearthed mega corruption dealings worth billions of shillings. Some countries, like Ghana, have their citizens subscribing to Raila's political outfit Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Julius Malema-South Africa

At only 35 years, Julius Malema is carving a niche for himself as a fearless opposition leader in South Africa. Malema has made a number of enemies who include Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai after he accused him of sleeping with imperialist. He has been charged with hate speech after he called for the shooting of “Dubula iBunu" ("Shoot the Boer"). Malema has asked for the seizure of land owned by whites. He was expelled from ANC before forming the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

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JM HENGA said...

Raila never attempted to overthrow the government in 1982 as you so allege; get the facts right!

David Maitha said...

Why do you think they picked on him instead of those who were around him?

James Ndula said...

Raila Odinga is the most powerful opposition leaders not only in Africa but also in the entire world. And by the way, I am still waiting for the 8 others in the list, you said top 10, remember

Godwin said...

Raila is the most powerful leader and he reveal people who engage themselves in corruption, the like of Ann Waiguru.He is also influential