Friday, May 27, 2016

Why Kamba Ladies Love ‘Sponsors’, Our Writer Explores

News that Cheryl Kitonga was the last person to be in the company of slain billionaire businessman Jacob Juma has revived the debate on ‘sponsors’ and young women insatiable love for money. A sponsor can loosely be defined as an old rich married man or woman who sleeps with young men/women who are the age of his children or grandchildren. It is now emerging that ladies from Ukambani have an affinity for well oiled men. Is it their love for money or simply their uncontrollable sexual appetite? And why do rich sponsors opt for Kamba sweethearts and leave remnants from other tribes for lesser mortals? We list top ten celebrated ladies from Ukambani who have been linked to sponsors:

Caroline Mutoko-Radio personality

She is one of the most respected radio personality in Kenya today. Caroline Mutoko came to the defense of Cheryl Kitonga bashing Cyprian Nyakundi and other moral police for castigating the poor girl. But here is where it gets interesting. Like Kitonga, Caroline Mutoko was allegedly the last person to be with the late Education Minister Mutula Kilonzo, who died reportedly because of a Viagra ‘overdose’. The rumors were fodder for bloggers and the presenter played the safe card by remaining mum throughout the vicious attack. Some see that the article she penned scolding Mohammed Ali was driven by a desire to defend young girls association with ‘sponsors’.

Lilian Muli-News Anchor

Her beauty, killer smile and a body to die for makes her a target for ‘sponsors’. The Citizen TV news anchor was married, albeit ‘briefly’, before her marriage went to the dogs. Then the rumors started flying left, right and centre with unprecedented vim and vigor. While some blamed her husband over insecurity and violent tendencies, others blamed Lilian of being a lady of loose morals. A controversial blog went ahead to claim that Lilian was seeing Shabana FC chairman Jared Nevaton. It has also been suggested that the TV siren has been involved with a number of politicians and top business honchos.

Catherine Kasavuli-Former News Anchor

Former news anchor Catherine Kasavuli ages like fine wine. She was the face of TV in the 90s and made watching news almost fashionable. It, therefore, did not come as a surprise when rumors started circulating that she was making nocturnal visits to the then President Moi residence. She was a stunner and no straight man would have denied having feelings for this Kamba sweetheart. Moi was said to have been so infuriated with Kanda Bongaman when it was alleged that he was banging Kasavuli that he ordered for the deportation of the Congolese singing sensation back to Zaire-now DRC.

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