Friday, May 13, 2016

Why Prominent Leaders From Luo, Luhyaland And Kisii Marry Kikuyu Women

Photo Courtesy: FashionwalkAfrica

The transformer chopping narrative aside, it is now evident that prominent personalities from the Luo and Luhya community marry from Central Kenya.

So why do rich men from Western go for Kikuyu beauties?

One of the reasons that is said to make Kikuyu women a magnet for the ‘elite’ of Western is their aggressive nature. Women from the Luo community are said to be party lovers and will add no value to the politic or business life of their husbands.

Luhya women on the other hand are said to have a very close affinity to matters of the kitchen.

Kikuyu women may not be well endowed but they have brains.

A lady from the Central region is always ready to nurture a man from ‘nothingness’- but woe unto you if you cross her line. They will bear with you until such a time one prospers.

However, some of these men die under mysterious circumstances.

Here is a list of men who have married from Kikuyu:

Jacob Juma

Moses Wetangula-Second Wife

Fidel Odinga-Divorced

Raila Odinga Jr

James Orengo

S.M. Otieno

Daddy Owen


Nyachae Simeon


Alfred Mutua

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