Saturday, June 11, 2016

After Seeing These Photos You Won’t Dream Of Joining Al Shabaab-Graphic Photos

Al Shabaab elements have made Somali a living hell

The Kenyan El-Adde inspired attack on an Ethiopian Base by Al Shabaab badly backfired after the terror group members were overpowered and lost over 140 fighters.

While they largely succeeded in killing an undisclosed number of Kenya soldiers, the script was quite different when they attacked an Ethiopian base. The Al Shabab, who are said to have numbered anywhere between 800-1000, were mauled by Ethiopians bullets.

Al Shabab propaganda videos depict them as heroic fighters and leave out the grim picture of the reality on the ground.

Two Kenyans Al Shabab fighters have been executed for allegedly spying for Kenya’s ATPU. 31 year old Jared Mokae Omambia and Abdullah Faraj reportedly worked for Mossad, CIA and Kenya ATPU.


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