Monday, June 20, 2016

Breaking: Al Shabaab Burns Five Kenyan Police To Death Take Others Hostage

Al Shabaab militants have killed five police officers and taken an unspecified number as hostages in Mandera county.

The officer vehicle was reportedly hit by a Rocket propelled Grenade (RPG) as it escorted a Nairobi bound bus.

Mandera Governor Ali Roba said that it was sad that police did not respond to reports shared to them by locals that Al Shabaab elements had been spotted in the area.

His tweet read:

“We condemn the attack by Alshabab at Dimu this morning 5 police officers killed The info about their presence was long shared by the locals”

Other reports indicate that the fighters abducted the surviving officers.

A local wondered why police are not using armored vehicles in Mandera.

Abdul qadir ‏@kadirr

Why use police land cruisers in #Mandera when we have police amoured vehicles or are they for show off

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