Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dangers Signs That A Woman Is Cheating

By Agnes Sikuku

Cheating as we are all aware is no longer a reserve for men. Women are cheating at an alarming rate.The naive, faithful and loyal women are now exploring the spoils of extra marital affairs.

While women have been known to be very discreet, there are signs that will give them away. Here are some of the signs that a woman is cheating.

1. When she has constant headaches but in a great mood.

We know that dry spells cause terrible mood swings in women. Now as the husband and baba watoto, you have not touched her for weeks, but she is very happy. When you quarrel, she quickly sulks and sleeps in the visitors bedroom. Surprisingly, she wakes up very energized and all smiles. I hate to be a messenger bearing bad news.Truth is, she’s remembering precious moments with another man.

2. When she has new interests.

For a long time your woman has never been a football person. Given a random impromptu test about football, she won't answer the total number of players. Then out of the woodwork, she says she supports Man-U, she even has a jersey which she says she bought. Unless you are dump like a doormat, it should be obvious that she's watching matches with another man.

3. When she has excuses to be out of home.

Her reasons for being in or out of home can be valid or invalid. She needs to attend a funeral of a relative, a wedding that you are to fund, a graduation party, a seminar and many other endless and useless functions. Am not saying a woman should be imprisoned. 90%of women who are out of home all the time cheat.

4. When she no longer gets mad at your Shi**t.

You drink like the breweries are closing tomorrow; you came home reeking of some cheap strange women's perfume. On such occasions your woman has always hit the roof and sulked for many days.
She no longer cares about what you do. When you stay out late or came at the wee hours of morning, she’s cool with it. Kindly run for your life before we see you on prime time news in messy love triangles.

5. When she has an unlock pattern like the body of Spiderman.
It's that simple, if she has an unlock pattern she's cheating on you. She doesn't want you to find those funny messages or nudes she sends another man.

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