Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Divorce Your Kikuyu Wife, Raila’s Son Urged

Tribal politics are dividing Kenya right in the middle thanks to the unregulated mouths of legislators.

Sentiments by a section of Central MPs have sparked unprecedented tribal sentiments that threaten to take Kenya to the dark past that was the 2007/08 post election violence.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria was captured on camera urging the assassination of Cord leader Raila Odinga saying it would only take a week of protests by his Luo supporters before the country calmed down.

The tribal bile did not end there. Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri urged his supporters to evict Luo’s from Nakuru for setting ablaze and looting businesses belonging to Kikuyu’s in Kisumu. The same sentiments were shared by Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu saying that Luo’s will be forcibly circumcised if they attempted to stage protests.

In a rejoinder, Cord leaders took cue and said the country will burn if Raila was assassinated. In what is turning out fuelling of ethnic violence, both leaders said they have enough people to defend their interests.

Leaders from both camps have been summoned to record statements. Kenyans on social media are not helping matters. Raila’s son, Raila Jr, has been urged to divorce his Kikuyu wife since members of the community are baying for his father’s blood.

Raila Jr is married to Yvonne Wambui Kibukosya for the past five years.

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