Friday, June 10, 2016

These Are The Mt Kenya Leaders Who Will Ensure Ruto Does Not Become President In 2022

Mandogo has threatened to name prominent leaders from Mt Kenya fighting the DP

Controversial straight shooting Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has let the cat out of the bag probably too soon. According to Kabogo, the Deputy President should not assume that he will be the automatic presidential candidate come 2022. His sentiments have come under sharp criticism from TNA legislators who feel that he is rocking the political boat too soon.

Here are some legislators from Central region who feel that Ruto is not the right candidate in 2022.

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo

He has made it clear that DP Ruto is not the best candidate to be endorsed as the heir apparent to President Uhuru Kenyatta. Kabogo insists that 2022 is far and the marriage between TNA and URP is not guaranteed to last. Although legislators from the region have castigated Kabogo, murmurs of abandoning the DP are ‘loud’ and very ‘alive’.

Moses Kuria-Gatundu South MP

The sharp razor tongued Gatundu South MP is playing Machiavellian politics with URP. Come 2017 when Uhuru is out of office, Moses Kuria will rear his ugly head. The wounds of 2007/08 have only superficially healed as the two communities treat each other with suspicion.

Senator Paul Njoroge

He is the second legislator from Jubilee after Kiambu Governor Kabogo to come out openly and state that DP Ruto should not assume that he will automatically get the backing of Central. Nominated Senator Paul Njoroge did not mince his words saying that the DP is being naïve. He was quoted as saying: "stop trying to blackmail Kikuyus to automatically support him in 2022".

Kabete MP-Ferdinand Waititu

ODM party leader John Mbadi is on record as saying that his colleagues from Central talk openly about their preference for 2022 and its not DP Ruto. Waititu is among the MPs who are believed to be against Ruto ascending to the highest seat in the country.

Maina Kamanda-Starehe MP

Starehe MP is one of the many Central MPs who believe that the Presidency is a confine of the MT Kenya region. He is said to be working in cahoots with leaders from Central to thwart Ruto’s chances of succeeding Uhuru in 2022.


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