My Daughter’s American Fiancé Was Shot Dead Because Of My Running Mouth, Jirongo Reveals


Former MP Cyrus Jirongo

Outspoken former Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo spoke for the first time the trouble his family has endured after he revealed the killer of Jacob Juma.

Jirongo, who was a guest on the Jeff Koinange Live show aired on KTN, said that his son-in-law was killed days after his daughter received threatening messages. The former Lugari MP says that it was not a ‘normal crime’.

The wealthy Jirongo said that the killers had asked for the young man’s laptop as they pointed a gun at his daughter. He declined as he tried to shield his girlfriend only for the thugs to shoot him dead.

Jirongo had linked Deputy President William Ruto with the death of controversial businessman Jacob Juma. He insisted that the two did not see eye to eye and that Juma had indeed slapped the DP.

Politic pundits at the time were of the opinion that Jirongo was maximizing on the death of Juma to gain political relevance in Western Kenya. The DP had threatened to sue his former bosom buddy turned foe for making the allegations.

Ruto worked under Jirongo in the Youth for Kanu 92 (YK ’92), a movement created to marshal support for KANU ahead of Kenya first multiparty elections.

During the burial of Shoita Shitanda, the DP told mourners that Jirongo was a bitter man because his junior was now the second most powerful man in the country.

The killers of Jirongo’s daughter boyfriend were passing a political message that ‘I should watch my words’, Jirongo told Jeff.

He decried the return of political assassinations only seen during the Moi era.

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